Browsing Projects

VentureStorm puts power into your hands by curating the greatest projects from startups. The core of the platform is the projects page where you will see all the projects that have been approved by our quality assurance team. Our team has a phone call with each owner so they have a good understanding of the technical specs they need and all you have to worry about is finding the ones that interest you!

Filtering Projects

With more than 500 projects being posted each year we need to make it easy for you to find projects that match your talents. For now we allow you to filter projects by the most common types: iOS, Android Backend Systems and Front End (or UI/UX). These are not the only projects you will find on VentureStorm but they are by far the most common.

If you're looking to make some cash through VentureStorm then you may want to use the Budget filter to find projects that are worth your time. If you're all about the green be sure to use VentureStorm escrow services to ensure timely payment for all work!