Applying to Projects

As soon as you see a project your interested in you need to apply to it! If you do not apply you can't get accepted and without being accepted you cannot get paid with the VentureStorm guarantee!

Learning More

To apply to a project you need to click Learn More to be taken to that specific project page. There you will see more information about the project like: the stack, screenshots or mock ups, who the entrepreneur is, and the rest of the development team registered on VentureStorm. To apply you can select the Submit Proposal or Join our Team buttons.

Application Process

The acutally application is an extremely simply two step form. Simply select what role(s) you'd like to perform on the team and then a brief explanation of why you'd be a good fit. VentureStorm is here to give a introduction to two parties that are ultimately interested in connecting. From what we've see after you apply the entrepreneur will usually follow up with an email or message.