Accepting Developers

Accepting developers onto your team is simple! Use this guide to assist you every step of the way.

Receiving Notifications

You'll receive a notification via email as well as in VentureStorm's navbar at the top of your screen once you receive a proposal from developers. Simply click on the notification or view your project page to access the proposals. On the top right of the page you will see all developers who have applied to your project under Pending Applications.

Viewing Proposals

You can simply view proposals by clicking Open Proposal. From there you will have access to that particular developers' profile as well as be able to view what role they applied to in addition to why they believe they have the qualification and experiences for your position.

Further Vetting

You do not need to immediately accept the developer once viewing the proposal. You are able to message the developer directly from viewing their proposal to learn more about them before accepting them onto your team.

Accepting / Declining

In the top left corner of the proposal you have the option to also accept or decline them onto your team. By declining them you will no longer have access to their proposal and they will receive a notification that they were not a good fit for your position. If you accept a developer then they join your team via VentureStorm which is displayed on the project page.

Moving Forward

After accepting a developer you will be prompted to answer whether or not you are still looking for additional developers. If you choose that you are not, your project will be inactive and not visible to other developers until you choose to reactivate the project. If you choose you are still looking for developers, your project will remain active!